How To Avoid Failure In Dissertation And What Are The Reasons?

Avoid being fail in dissertation

Dissertation writing is the most overwhelming experience for those students who show their interest and work hard for the desired results. For most of the students, it is a daunting process and an activity that is unlike every other academic assignment. A reason why it is an overwhelming activity is that it makes you earn your postgraduate degree. The issue jumps in when students think about the failure or rejection of their dissertation. They have to successfully defend their thesis in front of the dissertation committee. Without gaining complete knowledge of your topic, you cannot defend your dissertation in any case.

Well, what would happen if you fail to successfully defend your dissertation? Does that end your academic career? Well, there are certain options for such students to make revisions accordingly if needed. However, sometimes students have to start their research from the very beginning. It can be due to irrelevancy or a high amount of plagiarism. There are many reasons why students fail in their dissertation.

What Are The Reasons For Failing Your Dissertation?

Many students accept their failures and bury their mistakes deep down in their minds. This is not the right practice to face failure. The best thing you can do is to discuss the flaws in your paper. This will help you to get the best solutions to the issues in your dissertation. The recovery process works promptly for those who find and accept their mistakes and gaps in paper. If you bury your head in the sand and do nothing, it would cost you an entire semester, precious time, and money.

Here are few reasons that could cost you a failure in your dissertation;

Selection Of Inappropriate Topic

This is the most basic reason why students fail in their dissertation. Students try to select an interesting topic and mostly ends up selecting the inappropriate and irrelevant topic of the dissertation, which gives them hard time throughout the process and sometimes gets rejected based on the selection of the wrong topic for the dissertation.

This is why each student should get their topic confirmed by the instructor before researching or writing for the topic.

Insufficient Knowledge Of The Topic

You might be thinking that how bad does a dissertation have to fail? Well, it is most probably an insufficient knowledge of the topic. Students normally read a single article for the topic and start writing their dissertation just like it’s a piece of cake. It is totally different from other assignments that you have to do on a daily basis.  Paper writing requires intense research for the topic so that you can gather the most relevant and maximum knowledge to support the claims and arguments throughout the writing process.

This is why every student must conduct deep research on the topic. Make sure that you access the most reliable, relevant, and credible sources of information. The internet is a great help to the students. However, you might see many sources that look attractive but with irrelevant material. Make sure that you take care of the relevancy when looking for the information on your topic.

Inadequate Help

One of the reasons for failure in your paper might be insufficient help from your instructor. Every dissertation class of the final semester is guided by a specifically designated instructor who is responsible to provide help to the students throughout the process. Most of the time, these instructors have other classes as well to deal with. Their hectic and busy schedule distracts them to provide adequate help to the students.

It is almost impossible for college and university students to work on their papers without the help of professionals. It is the first interaction of the students with a professional dissertation with almost more than 10,000 words and sometimes even more than that. This is the most common reason of being failed in a dissertation.

Insufficient Time For Research

Dissertation is one of the most daunting yet effective activities. It is something that demands a good commitment of time and interest to successfully produce a top-notch and winning dissertation. Almost every student is preoccupied with many other academic activities that are also necessary to maintain grades and clear semester.

Students who can’t manage their time, can’t get the desired results and always ends up with failure or maximum revisions in the paper. The dissertation demands good research skills. You have to select a topic that interests you so that you can conduct deep research to get the maximum information on the selected topic. The more knowledge you have about the topic, the more you sound logical and relevant throughout the research and writing of the dissertation.

Lack Of Planning

The biggest reason to fail in your dissertation is the lack of planning. Students think that they can move to complete their papers without planning. However, you might face many hurdles and delays if you don’t plan the process. As we have already discussed that is not like your daily assignments, it is a professional activity that marks your abilities and achievements in your academic and professional careers.

Always make sure that you create a perfect schedule and plan the process to get the desired results. The schedule allows you to achieve the goals of the dissertation step by step so that you won’t miss out on any important factor or key point in the writing.

Plagiarism In Writing

Plagiarism outcomes in writing are key to fail your dissertation and all other assignments regardless of any nature. It is something that results in writing once you claim someone else works as your own. In most cases, the paper is simply rejected due to heavy plagiarism in the writing. The first thing that your instructor or a dissertation committee would check is the percentage of plagiarism in your writing. However, there is a nominal percentage of dissertation that is allowed to the students, that is 2 to 3 percent in the entire document.

Students who exceed this maximum percentage of plagiarism, have to face failure. Therefore, it is highly recommended to follow the right process of writing and research to avoid plagiarism in the best possible way. You can use the right process of using the information in your paper, instead of just copying and pasting the information from other sources.

Lack Of Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are much required in research work and students who lack this skill, have to face failure in their thesis. You might collect maximum information on the topic, but if you lack in analysis, it is impossible to meet the goals of the dissertation. First of all, you have to make claims and problem statements for which you are specifically working. Once you get the results and findings, you must have to analyse them.

Develop analytical skills by critically analysing each and everything in your daily life. This would be helpful for you to get the desired results of the dissertation.

Unstructured Writing

Another big reason for failed undergraduate dissertations is the unstructured writing process. Students sometimes have good research skills and they manage to search and gather the most relevant and reliable information for their paper but fail to organise the same using the required procedures of the structure. Your good and relevant knowledge would be of no use if your can’ manage to organise the information as per the internationally approved standards and requirements of the university. However, due to the lack of understanding of the structure, most students have to face failure. The structure plays a significant role in making your paper a success and a winning point for your academic career.

Undoubtedly, comprehending the structure is the most difficult yet significant factor for the students. One of the reasons for the complexity in the structure is its length and descriptive nature. The structure of the dissertation includes five chapters. These are additionally divided into various components with every chapter.

However, it’s a one-time effort. Once you comprehend the structure of the dissertation, it will make the process of research and writing much easier as you think. If you think you have any issues in understanding any of the components of the structure, do not feel shy to ask for help from your instructor. He or she is specially designated to help you students in all types of complexities. It is always recommended to ask for the help of the teachers rather than regretting the wrong procedures.

Lack Of Writing Skills

Writing skills are necessary for every academic activity. When it comes to the dissertation, it becomes more of a necessity than a requirement. Students who have good research skills but lacks in writing, have to face the consequences throughout the paper. It doesn’t matter how good research skills or knowledge you have about the topic unless you have good writing skills. Many students fail the dissertation just because of poor writing skills.

Regardless of assignments, there are many other things that require a good grip on writing skills, such as semester assessments and final examinations. You cannot perform in your final exams if you lack writing skills. However, there are many practices that can help students to develop, enhance, or polish their writing skills in the right direction. One of the best practices of developing or polishing your writing skills is to practice freewriting on a daily basis. Simply choose a topic of your interest, and start writing freely. Be aware, your self-confidence plays a vital role throughout the process.

Characteristics Of Bad Dissertation That Makes You Fail

Normally, it is quite difficult to get a failure in your dissertation, because it is not something that you have completed in a day, weeks, or even months. It is your month or years of work, and you must have given your all to complete your dissertation. This is why it is easy for the students to find their mistakes and gaps in writing throughout this long timeframe. Your instructor checks your paper from chapter to chapter. After completion of every chapter, your instructor will ask you to get it checked before you move to the next chapter of the dissertation. So, before you reach the end of your dissertation, you might have made several revisions in the chapters as per your supervisor’s suggestions and instructions.

However, there are certain factors and flaws in the process that tags your paper as a bad dissertation. Sometimes, students miss the entire component of the chapter or skip some analytical considerations which leads them towards revisions or failure. Many students miss out on the abstract, definitions, or methodology section. Make sure that you make an outline just in case to stay on the right track.

Can You Get The Degree If You Fail The Dissertation?

There is no chance for students to earn the desired degree if they fail to complete and submit their thesis on the selected majors. However, students are provided with various chances to make changes to their thesis to meet the standards. These re-sits are sometimes helpful for the students to save their time, money, and semester at the same time. This is why make sure that you double-check your paper and actively proofread to find out the basic grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and other gaps in the literature.

Can Students Make Revisions In Case Of Dissertation Fail?

Students get worried when they face a failure in their dissertation. The criteria to pass the dissertation is normally easy and there are fewer chances that students might slip the target. Even a single mark can leave you behind passing the paper.

However, students get an opportunity to make certain basic revisions in case of rejection. The reassessment of your thesis might help you to make changes in your thesis and to produce error-free writing. Make sure that you avail the revision opportunity for the best quality results.

If you think that my dissertation is bad, try to get the dissertation writing services with the help of professional writers.

How To Prevent Failing The Dissertation?

If you select and follow the right directions and procedures, you can successfully avoid failure in your dissertation. Here are few tips that can be helpful for the students to research and write a top-notch quality;

Always Review & Proofread

When students write such a huge document, there are many chances of mistakes and gaps in writing. It is necessary for you to give at least a week time for the sake of proofreading your research. Proofreading allows you to understand what you have written and to find the mistakes that can lower the quality of your paper. If further allows you to submit a paper free from grammar and spelling errors.

However, there are certain factors for which you have to go through the editing procedure. When you find the gaps in the writing or finds any misconception in the document, you fill the gaps or make certain changes. Make sure that you go through proofreading and editing procedures before submitting your paper to the instructor.

Check Plagiarism Through Authentic Tool

As we already have discussed that plagiarism is something that can never be tolerated in academic or even in professional life. If you want to steer clear of your dissertation, make sure that you check the plagiarism results through a credible and reliable checker tool. There are many authentic tools available that can provide you with 100% genuine results of the writing. Your dissertation should be 100% free of plagiarism if you want to pass the task.

Be aware of the fraudulent and ineffective check tools. They might trick you and can get your dissertation rejected on the basis of wrong or manipulated plagiarism results.

Stay Connected With The Supervisor

Many students make basic mistakes. They keep researching and writing their paper without consulting their supervisor unless it’s too late. There might a mistake in your dissertation in the early stages of your research, and continuing the same would not give you the desired results. You might end up with some extra revisions or to conduct the research from the very beginning.

The best practice to stay on the right track is to stay regularly connected with the supervisor. After completion of every chapter or component, make sure that you consult with your instructor. If they point out any mistakes, try to fix them and then move forward, instead of taking that mistake all the way to the end of the dissertation.

In-depth Research

Research is something that is a basic requirement of every other assignment. However, the dissertation demands extensive research on the topic. If you want to prevent failing your dissertation, make sure that you perform some extensive research on the selected topic. The research allows you to gather the best and the most relevant information in order to support the arguments and claims in the writing. Make sure that you have gathered maximum information about the topic in order to make your counter-arguments more logical and authentic.

There are plenty of resources available through which you can collect the relevant information. Other than the internet, your college or university library is the most authentic source. You can ask the librarian to help you in finding the most relevant and recent scholarly articles, journals, and books. This can help you to easily gather the right information within no extra time.

Note: Try hard to develop and enhance your research skills for the better results of dissertation writing.

Improve Your Reading Skills

One of the most significant sources of gathering information is reading habit. This is why I advise students to develop some active reading habits. This allows you to comprehend the information through various sources. This is why every student is provided with various reading documents at all levels of education regardless of any level.

Comprehend The FrameWork

You have to make your target audience understand the information in the best possible way. The right organisation of the information is what makes your writing understandable to the readers. In the case of your academic dissertation, the only audience for assessment is your instructor and the dissertation committee of the university. If you really want your dissertation to be accepted, make certain to understand and follow the internationally approved structure of the dissertation.

When you understand the structure, it enables you to organise the information in the most desirable way. Furthermore, it eases the entire process of dissertation writing and makes it easy and effective for the readers to comprehend the information.

Ask For The Help

There is not even a single doubt that a dissertation is a complex writing process. You might face a lot of complexities throughout the process of writing or research. It is always okay if you feel like asking for professional help. It is good to call for help rather than keep following the wrong track of research and writing.

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