How to Submit Your Dissertation Assignment?

How to submit your dissertation assignment

Every semester has a strict deadline for the dissertation or thesis submission. The guidelines regarding a simple submission process and meeting the deadlines are stated below. Our blog aims to help students who want to submit their dissertation without any hustle and are searching “How do I submit an assignment?” over the internet to get some relevant help.

Step 1: Catering of General Needs

Since you have come so far in the academic world you must have realized that every academic assignment comes with some general needs. When we talk about the general needs of a dissertation assignment, drafting tops the list.

Every year thousands of students face the hardship of completing their dissertation assignments within the suggested time by the professor regardless of the fact that they might come across other life engagements, workload, and some emergency scenarios.

For such cases, DissertationHelpZone delivers dissertation writing help for students of all fields at budget-friendly rates. Coming back to the topic, the best way to submit your dissertation is by submitting a draft first. Once it gets approved, you are open to deliver the final version of the dissertation/ thesis.

  • The wiser option is to submit your dissertation to some ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertation) website where most of the universities archive the thesis and dissertations of millions of students.
  • Consider reviewing About Embargoes and About Copyright pages to ensure your work is in safe hands. Further, you can meet and discuss the whole privacy situation with your advisor to get a better yet professional suggestion. Remember, it is highly important that you are completely aware of all the security and privacy options to retain your hard work from being copied.
  • As we have discussed earlier, academic assignments come with certain standards that you have to follow to get the dissertation approved. While writing the final version of your dissertation and even the draft one, make sure the formatting, punctuation, and grammar are on point as it makes a big difference on an academic level. If you are wondering “How can I do my assignment in such a perfect manner?”Well, there are professional writers out there to help you in submitting a dissertation assignment that has no flaws.
  • Since the advancements, the Office of Graduate Studies and Research (OGSR) no longer requires handwritten work so all you need is to make sure the readability, formatting, and research are according to the requirements set.

Step 2: Embargo and License Form

Whether you want to embargo your work or not, this form is a necessity. Make sure you submit the form by the deadline given by the OGSR. This license and embargo form requires the signature of you and your supervisor.

  • Make sure you have not missed any detail in the form.
  • The decision of embargoing your work or not is an important decision and should be taken accordingly.
  • If you have decided to embargo your work, make sure how many years you want the embargo to last. If you want the embargo to last for more than 2 years, approval from the dean of Graduate Studies and Research will be required. If you go with an embargo that lasts for 6+ years, you will be required to be part of an Embargo Information Session with a professional research librarian. The session needs to be documented and completed before you step forward to get the dean of Graduate Studies and Research’s signature on the license or embargo form.
  • You can easily download the form online, get the signature, and submit the form to OGSR.

Step 3: Submission of Draft Dissertation

Before submitting the final version of the dissertation, it is necessary to submit a complete draft for the formatting review.

  • Before submitting the draft, make sure you have attached all the completed pages to the document (e.g.: approval page, title page). You can always take the help of physical consultants to make sure you are using the right template for your dissertation assignment. Further, pay proper attention to the instructions provided for the required pages i.e. the approval and title pages. Keep in mind that the first step of submitting a dissertation is the approval of your title page.
  • During the submission procedure, your document will automatically convert into PDF.
  • After reviewing your dissertation by the experts you will be notified whether or not changes are required. If yes, then you are subjected to cater to the revision and then resubmit the draft. This process will be continued until the changes you made are on point and your draft gets approved.

Step 4: Final Submission of Dissertation Assignment

Formatting plays an important role in academic assignments, especially dissertations. Understand that proper formatting is directly proportional to better readability. The more your papers are convenient to read the better chances they have to be approved. Hence, it is to make sure that the formatting of the final document is perfect.

  • The content in the final version of the dissertation can be different as compared to the draft. But the required pages and formatting needs to be the same as approved in the draft. The changes in the order of pages, quantity of pages, and formatting may result in the rejection of your dissertation. Further, you need to ensure that the number of pages in the table of content and the actual number of pages in the dissertation are the same.
  • Revisions are extremely important when you are about to submit the final version of an important academic assignment such as a dissertation. Carry out a good number of revisions to ensure everything is according to the requirements. Ask a senior or a friend to check the dissertation at least once as there are chances that someone else’s sight might catch the errors. See if the approval page is in the right position as stated in the standards of dissertations.
  • After you are done with all the essentials, your final dissertation is ready to be submitted. Once you receive the confirmation email, you no longer have to worry as your hard work is now part of the record.

The above portion of the article consists of how to submit a dissertation but if you are a student who is struggling in submitting work to google classroom, we have a solution for you as well.


Dissertation assignments are a key element of most of the doctorate and master’s degree programs universities are offering today. Thus we found it necessary that students should learn the best way to submit their thesis or dissertation without getting confused by the whole process.

Lack of guidance has become a major issue and many students are seen approaching outside sources to get their academic assignments done – specifically the tough ones like thesis and dissertations.

Hence to offer a helping hand, we have delivered the following article that revolves around a stepwise procedure of submitting a dissertation assignment.

Our professionals are associated with dissertation writing and in the light of their knowledge and experience, we have incorporated this article that sheds light on how to submit a flawless dissertation in the first go.

We wish you a successful academic journey that leads you to a brighter future.